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Yelling Rosa Poetry in English

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The Year 2017-2018

What the Fuck

What the fuck?
I don't hear my own voice,
I don't hear my own voice.
What the fuck?

What the fuck?
I don't hear my own voice,
I don't hear my own voice.
What the fuck?

What the fuck?
I don't hear my own voice.
© Yelling Rosa
10/2 -18

The Soup

I don't get the people
And I am called autistic.
They don't understand me
But they are not called autistic.
They don't know am I exception
But I know they take all for granted.
"The unbearable lightness of being",
Says Milan Kundera, still not true here.
Something is maturing in its own broth
To love the taste of the marinated soup.
© Yelling Rosa
2/2 -17

Years 2013-2016

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Making Mistakes

Making mistakes
Makes you ...
Better you.
© Yelling Rosa
10/12 -16

O' Woman

O' Woman,
You are a rose
Below my belt.
© Yelling Rosa
15/6 -16

This poem in Swedish O' Kvinnan

Solitude Created

Solitude gave me birth
For her own consolation
But lost her cradle.
I without the parent
Cropped the damage
Into the myriads
Of human-ears.
© Yelling Rosa
30/1 –16

Note: The ears of a cereal plant such as wheat or barley are the parts at the top of the stem, which contain the seeds
or grains, Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner's English Dictionary, p. 444.

The Prayer of All Good Hearts

Oh, my Lord, my Captain,
Love us more, love us strongly,
Because without your charity
We are stupid.
Lord shake us so hard
That our eyeballs will fly
To the nearest rose garden
And stay there seeing
The beauty of your work
And we forget to think
The world of ourselves.
That stance makes us
The nature rapists
we are now.
Yes, yes, I know
It should be our duty
To make things right
But you see how we are
Just blaming you
For our crimes.
Of course, you can't turn
The planet go anticlockwise
But just do it to us
And I will walk without shoes
For the rest of my life
As I hate to see your
Good intension of creation
To be foiled.
© Yelling Rosa
19/8 -15

Unborn Children

We can hear unborn children
Singing in the buzz of the bees.
When these little tiny creatures
Stop flying we will not hear
New melodies named after us.
© Yelling Rosa
13/8 -15

I Look to Eternity

He was hanging from the neck
Alone in the dark and gloomy room.
When the news was broken to me
I was ashamed to think of myself.
But how otherwise could it be
When his spirit lives inside me
As long as I look to eternity
Where I put his very soul.
© Yelling Rosa
27/4 -15

Not a Member of the Human Race

sick human being
is not a loser
but the person
who points him out
with the forefinger,
and even worse,
that person is not
a member of
the human
© Yelling Rosa
25/3 -15

R. I. P.

My therapist looked at me
With the dooming gray eyes
Making my rest in peace impossible.
Who am I supposed to kill,
Myself or those who judged me?
The humble pie is my mind.
I guess I'm going to lose,
Just that and nothing more
But before I'm taking off
I will make it known
That you are a lousy professional.
If I were you I would draw myself
Down into the nearest drain.
What a relief those words
Gonna be as my R. I. P.
Must be a worth of fact
Perhaps two is
My truth.
© Yelling Rosa
6/3 -15

PS Fictional


Is a man alone
In this world.
© Yelling Rosa

Give In

All I started
I started
Too late,
I think now
The mental health
Sits on the thwart,
But I didn't have a boat.
So must not judge
Just give in
To life.
© Yelling Rosa

Slipped Words

Strange are the words
That slip away from
Under the millstones
Of our thoughts.
They are logical
But obscurely
Like the fog
In the night
Under the
Light of
© Yelling Rosa

Insomnia II

This cross crucified me
But didn't wake me up
On the third morning.
In the den of horror
Without the lion's claw
That closes my eyes
I am.
©Yelling Rosa

How Do I Find English

It is something that is written down London
And pronounced Birmingham.
It could be a piece of soap
But it doesn't slip away from your palm.
It just gives you a slap in the face
And mocks your memory afterward
Like some school bully.
I must say,
That I have found a nuisance
Who is loved
By many.
©Yelling Rosa


Globalism is just fewbalism
as long as it is not something good
for every soul on this planet.
©Yelling Rosa
10/8 -14

The Wreck of Love

Beautiful woman, please, don't stop,
please, don't smile to me again.
I am sexually stopped for good.
I want to save you from the
embarrassment and distress.

I need no pity from your side
as I have lived like a wild tiger
and know it's your time to roar.
Just pace faster to the next impacted
worthwhile yet for you to rescue.

Don't wonder why you don't see me
anymore buying cappuccino from you.
I don't have the heart to tell you
you made me longing for the touch
I had forgot how to give and get.
©Yelling Rosa
19/6 -14

The Weak Heart Song in a Poor Man's Chest

Today I saw the rotating blades of the priority.
Will it be me who is cut down next from the feeding strength of this society
that swears in the name of competitive ability?
Now it is easy. They are just long in giving me the medical care.
How convenient it is and just like that the good people
get rid of the loser's heart, at least it pretended so
but mind your heads the blades of the propeller marketability
gets greedier everyday and demands more sacrifices.
When it will be replete, I am not to see
but then I will not be the only one.
©Yelling Rosa
31/5 -14


The universe is too lofty
To behead the lowness
Of the man.
But don't worry:
Low can't survive long
In the high.
©Yelling Rosa
15/5 -14

Tired of being a well

Why do I write
when no one reads me?
Why do I speak
when no one spends time with me?
I am left alone
with only questions in my pocket.
And even a stranger pressed me
to the unconditional creativity.
No more shall I give without
getting anything back.
I'm tired of being a well
from where people
pick up water
and swerve the lid
when their buckets are up.
Meanwhile I shall
hide myself
in the shadow
of nothing.
©Yelling Rosa
9/5 -14

I Might Just Be a Silly Boy

I might just be a silly boy
When thinking this, ahoy.
When someone breaks the window,
He pays it from the purse.
But if someone smashes
Someone's heart
There is no liability
For the cause
Yet the shattered one is said
To be fragile like the glass.
©Yelling Rosa
29/4 -14

Look in the Mirror

Why they are nowadays
searching for themselves
in so complicated ways?
Just look in the mirror
and there you are.
©Yelling Rosa
17/4 -14

You Are Wanted

When the death rings
on your smart phone
you'll be waked up
from the sleep
called life.
©Yelling Rosa
26/3 -14

They Are Sweet

When mother's ma got
back the house from the wood,
she didn't wear the death mask
rather she was as playful as
the farmyard puppy.
On her cheeks the childhood lullabies
were smiling broadly
and she threatened to
curtain the retirement apartment
with the brilliant drapery.

That's the way grandma was.
It's good to keep in mind now,
when I am the old man.
I hear my grandson's giggling
in the step with the cartoon
on the television,
And soon the evening is,
but it doesn't break my heart.
Tears well up in my eyes.
They are sweet.
©Yelling Rosa
Written in Finnish
10/12 -10
Dramatized in English
20/3 -14

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Everything in the three verses

The Present of Human Being

I'm no good,
I'm no wicked one,
even though
I crucified
Jesus Christ,
I am a human
© Yelling Rosa
At Easter 1967
27/2 -14

The Future of Living One

I want to be myself,
and when I am that,
you find no category other,
than a living one.
Yeah, you'll try to
dissect me into pieces
of knowledge certainty,
because the unpredictable
moves makes you restless,
but take them as signs,
out of the jungle,
less to be afraid.
Every day and night,
I'm heading
over you,
© Yelling Rosa
28/2 -14

The Future of Death

The individualism
icing with love
and tolerance
didn't ache
the sweet tooth
of mankind.
© Yelling Rosa
1/3 -14

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Happiest of all
Are those with
The giving heart
And taking mind.
© Yelling Rosa
15/12 -13


Every day
is a gift
if we take it
as a present.
© Yelling Rosa
17/11 -13

The Hymn of Life

It is a concoction of
sadness and happiness.
There might be,
in the measuring glass,
a bit more salt than sugar.
It startles the serious mind
but nothing is maligned
when the melody is bought
and sung on the beat
of life.
© Yelling Rosa
23/8 -13

The Urge

The birth
Is the only urge
That the existing
Material has
In the universe
And beyond it.
© Yelling Rosa
9/11 -13

The Pray

The power of the pray
is a man next to us.
© Yelling Rosa
14/11 -13

Years before 2013

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Children Win

is in vain.
win the race.
© Yelling Rosa
Written in Finnish
17/12 -87
Dramatized in English
10/10 -14

The Question

The question
is not about coming
not about going
it is about
©Yelling Rosa

Recited Poems

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Blue Eyes Bright

The fear curves straight
If the top is hard to find
I pray the courage for
My heart to face these
Mountains unconquered
The real lookout point
For my blue eyes bright
To see all things right:
The specter of a man
Without losing
Any line.
©Yelling Rosa
20/11 -13

Blessing the End

I vanish
to eternity
with all
my shadows.
© Yelling Rosa
25/9 -91

Open Your Mouth

Open your mouth often
or it will be stiched up
© Yelling Rosa
9/8 -13

Like the Radiance of Phosphorus

Like the radiance of phosphorus
glows a fireweed
on the clean-cutting square.
Its love joins together
to the darkening night
of wood.
© Yelling Rosa
17/8 -87


I do walk
in my sleep
a timorous rest
of the night
© Yelling Rosa
23/3 -13

Some Handwritten Lines

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28/1 -14

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