The Best of ANREA BOCELLI Vivere

In order to show you how close Interlingua comes to Italian I decided to translate Italian song titles from The Best of Andrea Bocelli VIVERE –Album into Interlingua. I consulated the book named Interlingua, manuale teorico-practico by Paolo Castellina. I apoligize any errors which might be left from me.

The Best of Andrea Bocelli Vivere

1. La voce del silenzio Le voce del silentio
2 Sogno Sonio
3 Il mare calmo della sera Le mar calme del vespera
4 Dare to Live (Vivere) duet with Laura Pausini … (Viver) …
5 Canto della terra Canto del terra
6 A te feat. | Kenny G. on sax soprano A Te …
7 Besame mucho =>  Baciami tanto Me basia tanto
8 Mille lune mille onde Mille lunas mille undes
9 Time to say to goodbye (Con te partirò) duet with | Sarah Brightman … (Con te io partira) … |
10 Io ci sarò feat. |
Lang Lang on piano
Io sera illac … also: Io essera la
11 Romanza Romance
12 Vivo per lei duet
with | Giorgia
Io vive pro la
13 Melodramma Melodrama
14 Bellissime stelle Stellas belle
15 The Prayer duet with
| Celine Dion => La
Le Prece
16 Because We Believe

Perque nos crede

My own notes to the song list
are in red

Portable LibreOffice for Windows Made This Article Come True

When I bought a new computer just before last Xmas I decided that I won’t fill it up with all sort of applications. Unfortunately soon I realized that I should install LibreOffice Office Software, because it is the only chance to get Interlingua spellchecked. It is a huge resource eater so I decided to give a chance to Portable LibreOffice. I downloaded it from  the URL

Then I looked at the video below and got a very good roadmap for myself. In any way, I didn’t “install” the software to my desktop but right away to my USB Stick. Now I can  use LibreOffice in every Window Computer. A Handy thing while you on the road.

Immediately after everything was in order I downloaded a couple of extensions, naimly Interlingua and Italian to the LibreOffice Writer from the adresses:


URL Address




Interlingua – manuale teorico-pratico

INTERLINGUA manuale teorico-practico by Paolo Castellina, ISBN 978-1-4092-8324-9, 392 pages, Presentazione dell’Interlingua p. 3 – 82, Dizionario Italiano-Interlingua p. 83 – 392,


And the extract from above


Have a Nice Day – Buona Giornata – Hyvää Päivänjatkoa!


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