Swedish–English–Interlingua – Finnish Frequency Table

Bordered Table [1

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Swedish English Interlingua Finnish
Jag I Io Minä
Det The, it Le Määrätty artikkeli
Vara To be Esser Olla
Vara Article Articulo, mercantia Tavara

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<p>Use the CSS border property to add a border to the table.</p>

<table style=”width: 100%;”>
     <td>The, it</td>
         <td>Määrätty artikkeli</td>
     <td>To be</td>
     <td>Articulo, mercantia</td>

Unfortunately, you have to keep on adding rows and columns and their texts manually, if you don’t have WYSIWYG –Web Editor. There you can use keyboard buttons to move in the table.

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4 Languages Frequency Table

[1 According to Swedish Frequency Dictionary, Essential Vocabulary, ISBN 978-94-92637-04-8 these words are most often used in Swedish: 1) Jag, 2) Det, 3) Vara etc

I am on the second page of the word list and I have already found errors. The book says that the English equivalence for Han is It. In some cases, this is true but for most of the times Han means He. This is proved by the book itself with this example:

Han älskade att resa = He loved to travel.

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